Too Busy for Words

This weekend was Ellie’s big 5th birthday party. Lisa’s family was in from Michigan to help celebrate, so we took everyone to the new Nationals Park for a baseball game. I had been hoping to get the $5 tickets (only available gameday), but was shocked when there was a long line for tickets, and more shocked when the cheapest tickets left were the $20 seats. Still, they were pretty darn good seats, all things considered. You could see the Capitol from where we sat, and there was only one corner of left field that you couldn’t see. Unfortunately, the kids only lasted through the sixth inning, so we missed the excitement of the extra innings win, but we had a good time regardless.
Ellie’s party went amazingly well. All the kids were scattered around the craft table to start, decorating their flip-flops. Our snow-cone machine was a hit, as usual. Our homemade pinata actually lasted a decent amount of time, and it took three of the older boys to bust it open. And of course, Lisa’s sandcastle cake was amazing, as usual. Even with all the craziness, I had a really good time this weekend, and was nowhere near as stressed as usual. I guess we’re all getting better the older and wiser we get.