He Said Beer, She Said Wine

He Said Beer She Said Wine He Said Beer She Said Wine by Marnie Old and Sam Calagione
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Many people don’t think much about which beer they are going to drink with their meal. That’s because most people drink the ubiquitous light lager, rather than one of the multitude of styles which could be more appropriate as a pairing. The good news is that brewers like Sam Calagione are out to change that. After running beer vs. wine dinners with Marnie Old over the years, the pair got around to writing a book summarizing the finer points of their arguments for pairing their fine beverages with food.
The book is a fun read, with the playful banter coming through quite well for printed text (it isn’t always like that, as anyone who’s used the internet can testify). They each begin with an introduction to the different styles of wine and beer, and then get right into the thick of it: picking foods and the beverage to go with it. This part of the book is quite comprehensive, with each section devoted to a specific main course (poultry, pork, pasta and pizza, etc), and then pairing 6 individual dishes with the appropriate beer or wine. They encourage readers to take an active role in the argument, and even give recipes and planning pointers for running your own beer vs. wine contest.
I definitely enjoyed reading this one, as I’m always trying to learn more about beer. Maybe someday I’ll even host my own beer vs. wine dinner. It seems like a lot of fun, and I’m sure Marnie and Sam would agree on that point.
I’m still waiting for my books to come into the library. I’m sure that once they do, I’ll end up with 3 books to read at the same time. Until then, I’ll make do with some books I have on the shelf at home.