Stalking Irish Madness

Searching for the Roots of My Family's Schizophrenia Stalking Irish Madness: Searching for the Roots of My Family’s Schizophrenia by Patrick Tracey
My review
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
I am usually horrible at reading non-fiction, but this book surprisingly kept my attention throughout. Part history lesson, part memoir, part scientific investigation, we follow along as Patrick Tracey searches Ireland for answers about his family’s tendency toward schizophrenia. I learned a lot about mental illness, and even quite a few things I didn’t know about the history of Ireland. I also picked up some tips for when we travel to Ireland as tourists next year.
The author’s search was as maddening as the illness itself, but I was ultimately satisfied with the book, fruitless as the results may have seemed. I learned a lot, as did he, which is sometimes all you can ask for.
I’m sort of reading He Said Beer, She Said Wine at the moment, waiting for some books to come in to the library. No idea when they will come in, so we’ll see if I finish this before they do.