Comeback for the Ages

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the 4×100 freestyle relay from last night yet, go to and watch it now. Freakin’ amazing.
In my own little world, I finished Week 5 of the 100 pushup challenge on Saturday, messed up arm and all. And yet, my max pushup test from yesterday was not enough to push me to Week 6, so I’ll be redoing week 5 again this week.
After falling off a bike, there’s only one thing to do: get right back on. So I rode in this morning, an uneventful ride, thankfully. The weirdest thing was that I actually had to think about wearing layers. In August! It was in the low 50s when I left this morning, but I decided to just wear a t-shirt and let myself warm up. It wasn’t too chilly, and I was actually thankful for the cool weather. My road rash is healing, I won’t say nicely, because it’s ugly as all get-out, but it is healing. Hopefully it doesn’t scar too badly.