Zipcar Date Night Upcoming

First, an update on the 100 pushup challenge. I managed to struggle my way through week 4, and I’m moving on to Week 5. However, I did my max pushup test (39, even though I might have managed to squeeze out one or two more) last night, so I won’t actually start week 5 till tomorrow. Also, I have attained “bronze” level on the President’s challenge. Not too shabby.
Tomorrow is going to be a big night. Our neighbor is coming over to babysit the kids, and Lisa and I will be going out to dinner. A real sit down dinner, with reservations and everything! As part of the fun, I’m going to go pick up a Zipcar to use for the evening. I mean, who wants to go out on a date in a minivan? So I’m going to go pick up the Mini Cooper and we’ll scoot around town in that for the night. We’re heading to Et Voila, a Belgian restaurant. I’m excited to try their mussels, and Lisa will have plenty of desserts to choose from.
On Friday afternoon, I took a couple of pictures on my commute home. Now remember that these were taken before 4pm, theoretically before “rush hour.”

The Beltway, getting stacked up already.

The W&OD Trail, no traffic here.

The sun is starting to come up later now though, so soon enough, I’m going to have to either start delaying getting to work, or get a stronger headlight for the darkness. No thanks to Congress moving daylight savings to November!