How I Spent My “Vacation” Weekend

The wife and kids were out of town this weekend, and I had a lot to do even with them gone. I managed to get a bunch of stuff done around the house, including painting the bathroom and putting up the last of the upstairs doors (to the kids’ room). Thankfully no one was home for the latter, as I was cursing up a storm getting the thing up.
I also cleaned up the workshop, which had become a dumping ground for all the old doors and wood scraps we’ve accumulated over the past couple of years. All the stuff is now out on the curb awaiting pickup.
I also did some fun stuff. On Saturday morning, I went to see The Dark Knight (it was sold out, even for the 10am showing!). Good flick, Ledger stole it of course, but if they had just put in one or two more scenes detailing why Harvey Dent went to the dark side, it could have been brilliant altogether. I also went to watch my cousin play Gaelic football on Saturday, only to watch him bust his thumb and chip his tooth. He very dramatically spit the piece of tooth out, completely grossing out the fans in attendance. I haven’t heard yet whether he broke it, but hopefully he’s okay. Finally, yesterday I took a trip up to Shenandoah and hiked Old Rag mountain. It’s probably my favorite hike, but totally unrealistic with kids, since there’s a lot of spots where you have to scramble over large rocks, and it’s just not a good idea. But great fun for me on my own! I always love getting there early and spending some quality alone time at the top of the mountain with no signs of people around at all. Except for that granola bar wrapper. Fuckers. Even more fun is coming down and seeing the overeager overweight people who haven’t even gotten to the rocks yet, almost finished with the single bottle of water, huffing and puffing their way up. On the drive back home, I stopped by the Epicurious Cow for lunch, and had a fine shrimp po’ boy sandwich.
And the rest of Sunday I sat on my butt and caught up on Tivo. As it was intended.