Challenges Update

I completed Week 2 of the One Hundred Pushup Challenge this morning. So far it hasn’t been too terribly difficult. Sometime this weekend, I will do another test to exhaustion, to see which column I have to do for weeks 3 and 4. I’m pretty sure I’ll be in column 3 (the hardest) again, since I should be able to do more than 25 easily. One thing I do need to add is situps in the off-days, to make sure I stay well-rounded.
In the President’s Challenge, I have 13413 “points,” meaning I am roughly 2/3 of the way to a “Bronze Award.” Not too bad after only a month of recording the data. I started getting points more quickly now that my biking speed has gotten faster, and I’m no longer in the “Moderate, 12 – 16 mph” but in the “Vigorous, faster than 16 mph” category. It’s a big difference too, I have found that I can stay in the big gears going up hills for much longer. I am still definitely winded once I get to the top, but I’m getting there much quicker, which makes me feel good. And this morning, I raced the bus and won for the first time. We were both at the same stoplight, and when it turns green, the bus takes a short detour to pick up a couple of passengers while I go straight. The bus usually catches me before I get to the end of the mile long stretch, but this morning, I beat it by a good 30 seconds or so. A good way to start the morning.