Long Weekends Rule

I bagged out of work early on Thursday afternoon so that we would go up to Hartland Orchard for some blueberry picking. We ended up with 12 pints of blueberries for $20, less than $1.67 per pint. They were on sale at the farmers market for $4.50/pint on Saturday. A good deal, even accounting for gas costs. Of course, now we have 12 pints of blueberries to eat. We gave away 3 pints to friends and neighbors, and Lisa made blueberry buckle for breakfast. That leaves a lot of blueberries left, though Evan has figured out that he can reach up on the table and grab handfuls at a time to snack on.
We biked up to the park on Friday for the Independence Day festivities. Shockingly, the “all-you-can-ride” bracelet was priced at a reasonable $10, so Ellie got to have all the fun she could handle on the various moon bounces and slides. It was a bit hot, but we brought plenty of water and had a lot of fun. We skipped out on the laser light show though (last year’s fireworks went horribly wrong, shooting into spectators and badly injuring at least one woman) since it was starting to rain. Instead, we picked up Baskin-Robbins where Ellie had the very patriotic Nation’s Birthday ice cream.
On Saturday, we headed down the street to our neighbor’s second birthday party. They had a moon bounce there too, so Ellie was in heaven. Burgers, popsicles, cake, fun times had by all.
Finally, on Sunday we headed downtown for the last day of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Featured this year were Texas (skipped it, except for the BBQ), NASA (50th anniversary), and Bhutan. Learning about Bhutan, a small country wedged between Nepal, India and China, was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the various alcoholic drinks they make all from the same fermented mash, the most popular of which is called ara. Unfortunately, the rules didn’t allow us regular folks to sample the drink, so we’ll just have to plan a trip to Bhutan sometime. Maybe then I could actually try some real “ema datshi,” which they served in a watered-down, barely spicy version at the vending stands. We could also try the equally fascinating butter tea, suja. At any rate, the kids had a good time, especially at the NASA area.
So now I’m back at work after riding in this morning (73 degrees can be surprisingly oppressive when combined with 84% humidity), wishing I just had one more day for the long weekend.