In The Jar

John got it right after a few guesses, and my brother got it right on his first guess: homemade yogurt! We bought milk at the farmers market on Saturday specifically for this purpose. It was pretty simple really, you heat the milk without scalding it, throw in some store bought yogurt, then put the jar in the warm car outside (110 degrees or so) for a few hours. It really does end up tasting just as good as the store bought stuff. It only saves a couple bucks, but every little bit helps, and it’s fun too.
Better yet was when we were at Whole Foods picking up a few things and found local cherries on sale for $2/pound. We picked up 3 pounds, and Lisa made the best cherry pie from scratch. It was freaky how much it looked like a store bought pie, the filling looked like it was from a can, but everything she used was fresh ingredients. Just way too good to be good for my waistline.
Luckily, I’ve still been riding my bike, and this is the first week I’ve been doing the one hundred pushup challenge. I did day 2 this morning, and I’m having trouble imagining myself 5 weeks from now doing two sets of 27 pushups separated by 30 seconds of rest. But I’ll keep trying and post my progress.