Today marked the fifth straight day I rode my bike to work. That’s right, a whole work week without driving. I haven’t made an official total yet (I do still have to ride home tonight after all), but my total mileage for the week should be about 78 miles. And last night, I somehow managed to make every single light on the way home, finishing up my 7+ mile trek in just over 26 minutes, beating my previous best by over 2 minutes.
This week’s riding included riding home in the rain on Monday after the worst of the thunderstorms rolled through, once again knocking out power throughout the area. But on my bike, I could easily zip through the clogged intersections with their dark signal lights while the cars couldn’t do anything but honk their horns. The only obstacle was a tree down across the biking trail at one spot, but that wasn’t much trouble. On Tuesday, I once again took a 3 mile detour to pick up our farm share, which is working out well. The rest of the week riding was fairly ordinary, with beautifully cool weather all week long, as opposed to the oppressive 95+ degree heat last week.
So while I continue to ride my bike the rest of the summer (at least), I’ve decided to take on two more challenges. First is the “One Hundred Pushup Challenge.” It’s a six week plan to work your way up to doing 100 consecutive pushups. I figure I should work on my upper body strength in addition to biking for the lower body. Sometime this weekend, I’ll do the initial test (do as many pushups as possible to exhaustion), and I’ll start doing the 3 days per week training to build up my strength.
Second is the President’s Adult Fitness Challenge. This is similar to what we did as kids. There are four tests: aerobic fitness (1.5 mile run), muscular strength and endurance (situps and pushups), flexibility (sit and reach) and body composition (BMI and waist circumference). I’m going to try to do these tests sometime in the next couple of weeks, and then again near the end of the summer or possibly into September. I’m also going to register and log my daily activities to earn “points” for Presidential awards. Since they allow you to enter data back 14 days, I’m already 26% of the way to my first award!
Those are the challenges I’m taking on this summer. What are YOU doing with your summer?