The Good with the Bad

The forecast for yesterday afternoon and evening was for thunderstorms again. This time though, I vowed to ride home one way or another, and kept a close eye on the radar to see when I would have to leave. As it turned out, I was able to leave at my normal time, and I was even able to throw in a side trip to pick up our CSA share (broccoli, beets, swiss chard were new!). On the way down the trail, there were a surprising number of bikers out there, and there were almost universal nods or waves of respect for being out in the heat. I was even able to take another side trip to vote in the Congressional primary. It was a good ride home, even if it was 10 miles instead of the usual 7.5, and I didn’t get rained on at all.
But with the good must come the bad, as I discovered this morning. I had all my stuff hooked up to the bike and ready to go, but when turning the bike, it sounded more squealy that usual, but I chalked it up to the rain and moisture from the previous night’s storm. But then I got on, something gave out somewhere, and I looked back, and the rear tire was flat! Note to self, ALWAYS check your tires before riding. Duh. Since I haven’t yet bought a spare (good thing it didn’t go flat riding yesterday in the 95 degree heat), I had to drive in to work this morning. That really ticked me off since I also have to drive tomorrow to go to the dentist, and I’ll be driving partway on Friday as well to drop my car off at the shop.
Oh well, there’s always next week for the first 5 day bike commute.