Shoulda Ridden My Bike

As mentioned, I decided to drive home yesterday, thinking it was a better idea that trying to ride my bike down the trail with possibly downed trees and power lines. I should have ridden my bike. Traffic lights were out throughout the area, snarling traffic and causing me to take an hour to get home. I could have ridden in 40 minutes, even with traffic lights being out. This morning, just one of the lights on my commute was still malfunctioning, but it still caused me to spend an extra 10 minutes getting to work, even at 7am.
I meant to write about this yesterday, but with my account being suspended, I didn’t get the chance. On Tuesday evening, we went to pick up our latest CSA share: more turnips, radishes, greens, and the last batch of strawberries. Lisa made a lovely chicken stew with the turnips, but she was hoping for more spinach instead of salad mix. Not much you can do with salad mix other than, duh, salad, but spinach you can integrate into other recipes easily.
Anyway, I also stopped by a co-worker’s place. He’s a fellow bike commuter, and he had an extra pair of bike shoes for me to try on. Turned out they fit me perfectly! Free stuff rules. So now I have bike shoes with cleats, so I had to order new pedals with bindings to fit the shoes. I also finally ordered a rear rack for the bike, so I can commute every day. I’ll definitely have to make sure I have my Metro farecard and bus schedule as my backup plan (though not when the power is out everywhere!).
I’m also going golfing with some of the guys in the neighborhood in a couple of weeks. Some swanky type place that requires you to wear a collared shirt and have soft-spiked golf shoes. I didn’t have golf shoes, so Craigslist to the rescue! A guy who is moving to Germany and outgrew his old shoes sold them to me for $5. He also gave Ellie and Evan some bunny statues and a baseball so he could get rid of the gratuitous stuff he didn’t need to take with him overseas.
$5 for two new pairs of shoes? I’d say it was a good day.