Plan B for Biking

One of the recommendations of the book, How to Live Well Without Owning a Car, is to always have not one, but two backup plans for getting to and from work, in case you can’t bike or whatever. Today is one of those days. A huge storm (with a bow wave leading the way, freaky) just passed through causing power outages throughout the area, and knocking down the trees all over. Seeing as how much of my bike route passes under the power lines that run along the W&OD trail, and that trail also happens to be lined with mature trees, I am going to go with plan B.
Luckily for me, Plan B today is simple: drive my car home. I drove it in with my clothes on Monday morning, and it’s been parked here ever since, so it’ll be easy to drive it home today. I’ll drive back tomorrow and ride home, hopefully. If I hadn’t had my car, I could have also taken the bus (which reminds me that I need to put my Metro Farecare in my wallet), had Lisa pick me up, or taken our shuttle bus to a Metro station and over to the station near our house. Options are critical, and I’m lucky I have a good one today.