Apparently, this blog has been under assault from comment spammers lately. I only noticed because every so often, I’d get notified that an IP address had been banned due to too many comments being attempted at once. Otherwise though, all the comments went straight to the spam filter and I never saw them. However, they were still hitting me. This morning, I was notified that my account had been suspended because of the comment spammers.
I spent many hours trying to get hold of someone to fix it or let me back in, and about an hour ago, the site was back up. That’s the good news. The bad news is: no comments for a while. Not that anyone legit was leaving too many comments anyway. So, if you have a witty remark about a post of mine, you’ll have to email it to me. I think that I can probably fix this by requiring commenters to be authenticated, but honestly, I’m going to let this die down first so that I have a chance to recover, back up all my stuff, and so on. Back to normal soon, I hope.