My New Bike

My diligent browsing of the Craigslist bike section finally paid off this weekend, as I picked up my “new” used bike: a 2004 Jamis Coda Comp. I had been looking at the Jamis Coda a bit, but they were few and far between on Craigslist. Finally, one came up that was my size. It’s a little bit older, but the guy actually replaced a bunch of the components (he’s a real bike geek: he sold this to me so he could get funds for building his new commuter bike) and it’s in good shape. Plus, the Comp model is just below the top-of-the-line on all the components, and even has a carbon-fiber fork. I really liked it putzing around this weekend, but we’ll see how it goes riding home this afternoon on the big hill. Here are the pictures from his CL posting, unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to take my own yet.

Did I mention how awesome my wife is for letting me get this new toy? Father’s Day is well taken care of, thanks honey!

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