First New Bike Commute

Average speed: 14.6 mph
Max speed: 27.6 mph
Total time: 29:10
Distance: 7.07 miles

Caveats: I was pretty pumped up to ride the new bike home, so I definitely pushed it. But, I also kept the clock running while I was stopped at both long lights, so that brought the average down somewhat. By comparison, my last commute on Thursday evening was 6.91 miles (must have started/stopped my watch at a different point. Actually, come to think of it, I think I was trying to stop my watch at every stoplight, so I know I forgot to restart a couple of times), I averaged 13.8mph (again, since I stopped my watch, this is the average on all riding time, and does not include time spent stopped at lights), maxed out at 27.2 mph, and finished it in 30:08.

Not too shabby for the first ride out. It should be interesting to see what the averages end up at for the full month of riding. I know this much: my pulse rate after most of last week’s riding was only around 120-130, but I was just over 150 today. Must be new bike excitement.