May Bike Totals

Yesterday, I went into my nifty GPS software and tabulated my biking totals for May. I’ve gotten better about starting/stopping the watch at the appropriate times, but the numbers from the beginning of the month are probably short by a mile or two roundtrip due to me not starting the watch until it found the satellites (sometimes it wouldn’t find them until a few minutes into the ride). Now, I just start regardless, and it seems to figure out the distance properly. Anyways, here are my stats:
Driving roundtrips: 8
Biking roundtrips: 12
Bike mileage: 169.58 miles
Average speed: 12.2 mph (I believe this unfortunately includes the 0 mph while I am stuck at the two traffic lights on my route)
Top speed: 32.1 mph (yes, on a big downhill)

Since I usually average about 35-40 mpg in the Civic hybrid, at $4/gallon, I’ve only saved about $20 in gas money, but I’m in a LOT better shape than I was when I first started. And now that I’ve figured out my routine pretty well, the numbers can only go up from here.