Kid Music Geeks

Just a couple of weeks ago, we went to the Dan Zanes concert and had a rockin’ good time. This morning, Lisa opens up the paper and sees and ad for something called “Disney Music Block Party Tour.” Featuring Dan Zanes! And They Might Be Giants! And Ralph’s World! Jesus Mary and Joseph! Get on the internet and order the tickets already!
Our only disappointment is that Barenaked Ladies are not playing at our local venue, only up on Long Island while we’re in KC. Still, we are lucky enough to be one of the two dates that TMBG are playing, so we’ll have to make do.
Yeah, we’re a little too excited about kid music these days. FYI to our family and friends in Michigan: the tour hits Meadow Brook Tuesday, August 19th and Wednesday, August 20th, but you “only” get Dan Zanes and Ralph’s World (and the two other minor acts I’ve never heard of).