Grilling Pizza

Earlier this week, the Washington Post devoted nearly their entire Food section to pizza. Frozen pizza taste tests, carryout recommendations (Church Street NY-style for the win!), and so on (pizza flavored beer?). But I was most intrigued by the article on grilling pizza. It was the second article on grilling pizza I had read in a week, so I had to give it a try.
Last night, we invited our neighbor over for a sanity-saving dinner (her husband is out of town, so she’s going bonkers with two kids all to herself). We had grilled pizza and leftover mojitos from our BBQ Monday. Lisa made the dough in advance, giving it plenty of time to rise and such. While she was off at the chiropractor, I got the toppings ready, grilling some asparagus, slicing some fresh mozzarella, and mincing garlic. Then it was time to test it out.
Despite my worries about the dough falling through the grill slats, it actually worked almost as advertised. I got better about holding the dough at “10 and 2” as I cooked more pizzas (five total), but the first couple of pizzas were more rectangular than round. Luckily the kids and parents didn’t care about style points, more about taste. The crust was nicely crisp, and the pizza was delicious. We had one pepperoni, two margherita, and two asparagus, prosciutto and fresh mozz (one had garlic too).
If you’re looking for a way to liven up your boring steak/burger/chicken grilling routine, definitely click some of the links above to find out more. It’s a fun experience for the whole family. Just don’t let the kids get too close to the grill!