Sport Utility Biking

We had a lot of fun this weekend. Much of it was spent cleaning up the patio and carport so that we would have room for our barbecue yesterday, but we did manage to squeeze in a fun side trip to Viva Vienna, our local carnival. We decided to bike up there, but Lisa also wanted to bring a stroller so that we wouldn’t have to carry both kids around when they inevitably got tired. The solution? Strap it to the trailer!

It’s no Kona Ute, but it’ll do.

It just took a bit of rope to tie it to the top of the trailer, and we were good to go. We made it there and back with no problems (except for Lisa’s bike not shifting properly at first, which was fixed by the guy at the bikes@vienna booth in less than 2 seconds), and got a little exercise too. We’re hoping that we might be able to ride up to the farmer’s market on upcoming weekends too, though we may need to get a wire basket for the eggs and milk (I don’t quite trust the kids to carry them for us!).