Memorial Day BBQ Success!

I got a little bit worried last week when I started totaling up the RSVPs for our barbecue and found we were going to get upwards of 40 people attending. That’s a lot of people to feed! Luckily, our local Whole Foods was having a sale where they gave you $10 off your $40 meat purchase. We stocked up on a bunch of sausages: chicken spinach feta, chicken apple, hot italian turkey, veal bratwurst and pork bratwurst. And of course the obligatory hot dogs for the kids. We also got a whole bunch of corn (12 ears for $2, what price increase?). Our guests brought a bunch of side dishes to help us out. We also provided Grandma Kazmer’s sweet tea, mojitos, strawberry margaritas, Bell’s Oberon Ale, and juice boxes to drink.
Everything went very well. I was able to handle the grilling duties and all the sausages came out great. I personally thought the mojitos were great as well as the beer. I probably enjoyed those a little too much.
The kids had a good time with the kiddie pool (at least two naked kids spotted in there) and sprinkler, and they loved when we brought out a nifty new ice shaver for snow cones. It was a great way to kick off the summer season.