Second CSA Contents

Our second CSA share came in on Tuesday. From our first, we still need to use the garlic scape, and the radishes were only somewhat used. We did make a nice arugula salad with balsamic vinegar and strawberries, and used up all the salad greens, but not the actual lettuce. More on that in a minute.
In our second share, we got a ton of strawberries, which is, of course, awesome. We also got a huge head of lettuce, more salad greens, mint, snow peas and turnips. We’re going to end up using the lettuce from the last two weeks on Monday for our Memorial Day barbecue. We’re also going to use the mint for making mojitos, yum! So really our only puzzler is turnips. Lisa borrowed a cookbook from a neighbor, which has a bunch of turnip recipes, so we’ll see how we like them.
We’re pretty happy with it so far, and we’re still in the veggie-sparse season, so I can only imagine things getting better. It’s kind of strange not having too much to buy at the farmer’s market on the weekend…