Best Weekend Ever?

Quite possibly, if you ask us. Lisa’s mom came into town for Ellie’s “May Day” performance at her school. Lisa and I naturally took advantage of the babysitter and went to see U2 3D, the concert movie on Friday night. While Lisa was especially frustrated that it was taboo to stand up and dance and sing along, it was a pretty damn cool show, almost as good as the real thing, minus the dancing and the sweatiness (and binoculars, since we can’t afford the $300 floor seats).
Saturday was May Day, and Ellie did a great job performing “Banana Phone.” She was very shy during last year’s performance, but this year, she pretty much thought Banana Phone was the funniest song ever, and got into it. She has since been performing the other classes’ songs for us as well, especially one class’ version of Laurie Berkner’s “I’m Gonna Catch You.”
Finally, Sunday was the day of the long-anticipated Dan Zanes concert. Yep, the one I bought tickets for last August! Ellie took a while to warm up, but once we got her to do the train during “Catch that Train!” she was bouncing along to “House Party” and every song after that. Thankfully, dancing was very much accepted at this concert (the special guest was tap dancer Derick Grant), so Lisa got to dance her heart out. The show was shorter than we would have liked, but probably just about right for the kids. Ellie and Evan both got their very first ridiculously overpriced concert t-shirts to wear as well.
And of course, we ended the weekend with a BBQ feast at Famous Dave’s. Evan loves his BBQ, and he’s looking forward to sampling some of KC’s finest when we visit in August!