Our First CSA

We picked up our first Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) share yesterday. Our farmers live near Washington’s Birthplace in the Northern Neck area of Virginia. They got about 3 inches of rain in an hour the other day, and a whole lot of stuff washed out, including their main driveway. Luckily, they managed to extricate themselves in time to make the trip up to Falls Church to meet all of their clients. They had beer, wine, cheese and other snacks as a mini-celebration of the first CSA of the year. We met our farmers Becky and Lawrence and chatted with them and some other people for a while before picking up our box and heading home.
In our first box, we got mixed salad greens, arugula, butter lettuce, garlic scape, French breakfast radishes, bok choy, and our favorite, strawberries! They also had some turnips we could have taken, but we’re not huge fans, so we passed on them.
So we’re going to be eating more salad than we usually would, but that’s okay, since we just bought some fancy basil balsamic vinegar at the farmers market last week. We also will need to figure out what to do with the radishes (raw with sea salt and rustic bread has been suggested) and garlic scape. Any suggestions?

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