Bike Shopping: Spokes Etc.

I didn’t have to wander too long in Spokes Etc. before Floyd came over to ask if I needed any help. I gave him my info, and we started a whirlwind tour of possibilities. To be fair, I never made any mention of price requirements to any of the bike shops I visited, so as to leave it open to the salesman as to what would be the best fit. As such, the cheapest bike Floyd recommended (he said it was the minimum bike I should consider, since the component level was good enough to handle my requirements) was the $569 Trek 7.3. We also talked about the $899 Specialized Crosstrail and $1199 Specialized TriCross, both of which are pretty much well out of my current price range, though they do look nice. Again, it was raining the day I went in, so I’d have to visit again to test ride the Trek at least.