Bike Shopping: Performance Bikes Fairfax

Performance Bikes has multiple locations in my area, including 2 within 5 miles of me. I went to the one in Fairfax recently, since it’s right next door to Hudson Trail Outfitters. I wandered around the store for a few minutes, momentarily lusting after the old school Schwinn at the front (the model escapes me), and then drifting over to the comfort bikes, where I ran into a saleswoman. I gave her my spiel, and she directed me away from the comfort bikes, of course, and towards the entry level road bikes. They still had a 2007 Schwinn model for fairly cheap, and also the Fuji Newest for around $400-500 (I need to take better notes!). Since it was raining, I didn’t get the chance to ride anything, but I felt good about the lower cost options they had here.