My First Rain Commute: On Fenders and Getting in the Paper

Had my first commute in the rain today. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks, and previously the worst was a light drizzle. Today it was actually raining, so it was a different experience. I ended up wearing my sunglasses (so THAT’S what the clear lenses are for! Too bad they were in my bag at work) because the spray was blinding me (so THAT’S what fenders are for. Too bad my bike doesn’t have a good way of getting those on). Fenders are now a big requirement of my search for a new bike, in addition to being able to mount a rack, climb the occasional light hill, and occasionally haul the kids behind me in the trailer. Taking suggestions for those requirements.
Also, it was pretty exciting to see a Washington Post photographer as I rode down the W&OD trail toward Gallows Road. I saw him taking pictures from a distance and thought it was odd that he was taking pics in the rain of the trail. He was excited to see me, since there weren’t too many hard-core commuters on this rainy day (it’s easy when you left your car at work, like I did, and had no other choice but to ride). He got my name, asked a few questions about my commute, and I went on my way after the long wait for the light to change. The story would probably run next week, during “Bike to Work Week,” I imagine. I’ll update if they actually put it online.
Overall, I was pretty lucky that I didn’t have any rain-induced incidents. The motorists were fairly courteous in giving me room, didn’t get splashed by any huge puddles, and rode safe the whole way. Hopefully, good karma stays with me.