Swap Meet

(All white boys who listened to Dre in the early 90s who immediately thought of The Twenty Dollar Sack Pyramid raise your hands. Thought so.)
I’m riding into work 3 days this week, with the hope of doing 4 days next week, during “Bike to Work Week,” which culminates in “Bike to Work Day” on Friday, May 16. My 4 day bike commute works with me driving to work Monday morning with all my work clothes for the week, riding home Monday evening, back and forth Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, in on Friday, and driving home on Friday with all my laundry. It works for me, so my clothes stay clean and don’t get squashed in my backpack like my lunch does.
Still, I’ve been scanning Craigslist for a better commuter bike, and there sure are a lot of them out there. But unless I find a great deal in the next week or so, I’m going to head up to Maryland next Saturday for a bike swap meet. I think there should be a decent selection of some better bikes than I might find on Craigslist. Plus, there should be better pricing, unlike the ridiculous $250 “vintage” bikes on Craigslist. Seriously, your 20-year-old beater probably shouldn’t sell for more than a 2-year-old bike in good shape.
In the meantime, I need to get this bike running a little better. The wheels are getting slightly out of true, and rubbing a bit, and the gears are shifting rougher than I’d like too. At least I can do most of this myself though, unlike fixing my car. So riding a bike not only saves money on gas, but on the wear and tear on the car, meaning less oil changes and costly repair work. (Yes, that’s me trying to soft-pedal buying a new bike to my wife. Hi honey!)