For the first time in a while, we actually got a lot accomplished around the house this weekend.
We ran a 1 mile fun run on Saturday morning. After battling through the kiddie traffic at the start, I finished (with the double jogging stroller and both kids in it) in about 7:40. Probably would have been closer to 7:20 without the traffic, and under 7 minutes without kids. Lisa actually ran to the halfway point, then hit the big hill and walked the rest of the way. Nice job!
We hit the first farmers market of the year and got our milk and eggs from South Mountain Creamery, a bunch of strawberries, some onions, and a mint plant and a basil plant. The mint is for mojitos for Cinco de Mayo tonight!
Once home, I mowed and trimmed the lawn. Then we got ambitious and decided to stain the bay window, which had been collecting crayon and marker on its bare wood since it was put in. So I sanded and stained the whole thing. Just before dinner, I got started on putting up a new door to the office, but the drill ran out of juice before I could get the doorknob hole drilled.
On Sunday, I applied two coats of polyurethane to the bay window, separated by 4 hours and sanded with steel wool between coats. It looks flippin sweet! I also finished drilling for the door, and it miraculously fits, with only a modicum of sanding the edges so it would close. Only two more doors (upstairs) to go!
I wish I had taken pictures, because the window really does look nice, and Lisa did a nice job of painting the door which looks 100 times better than the old one too. Alas, I was totally zonked last night and went to bed early, so maybe another day. For now, I’m off to troll Craigslist for a bike and a new Palm Pilot, since we crushed the old one’s screen in the minivan’s tailgate.