Stupid Bike!

Yesterday, the Honda dealer called to say that, oops! They forgot to install a part they were supposed to replace! Apparently a miscommunication between the service advisor and the mechanic, so they thought it was done, but it wasn’t. They offered a loaner, but I decided I would just ride in again. Thus, I took a trip to yet another bike shop to try to get a rack that would fit, and this time, I brought my bike.
Problem is, the guy had seen it before, and pretty much nixed my plans for a rack. Not only are there no braze-on mount points on the seat posts, there are no eyelets near the axle to attach to either!
So I’m still a wannabe commuter, and I’m left with few options. I could buy an Old Man Mountain rack at $100-150. There’s also a rack by a company called Axiom that looks like it would work as well. I could use the (big) two-person trailer that is usually for my kids to ride in. Or, ditch the mountain bike and buy a “real” commuter bike. I originally got the mountain bike a few years ago back when some of the guys at work were regularly trail riding, but we haven’t done that in a while, so it is still an option.
Today, I crammed everything into my backpack again, and just used that. It was a lot harder than Tuesday, and my legs were feeling the burn. Worst of all, my hands were freezing! It really hurt when the warm water from the shower hit them. I noticed that Spokes Etc. had their winter riding gear 50% off, so I may have to pick up some gloves for cheap till it gets reliably warmer. For now, though, I’m off to find out more options for my rack.