Frustrating Ride Home

It was only 3.3 miles, but it seemed to take a lot longer to ride back to the car dealership yesterday afternoon. The scary hill was definitely scary, crawling up with no shoulder, and cars trying to squeeze past me while traffic was zipping down the hill. I doubt that I’ll take that route again. But most frustrating was the fact that my panniers kept falling off, and the rack kept rubbing the wheels. The panniers were probably overloaded for the single bungie cord that holds them on. The hooks were fairly useless for keeping them in place, since as soon as I would hit any bump, they’d jump right off and go sideways. The rack would wobble when pumping hard up a hill, causing it to rub the tires.
So last night, I went in search of another rack. I found one at REI that advertised “disc-brake mounting” and was encouraged. However, it needs the braze-on mount points that my bike still doesn’t have. I tried the clamp adapter they had there, but it would fit around the tube properly, so I returned everything immediately. The good news though is that we got our free Ben and Jerry’s cone, since it was right nearby REI. (Verdict: the new 7 layer bar flavor was yummy, but Lisa doesn’t like to chew her ice cream; Imagine Whirled Peace was good, but I’d take Phish Food over it; and Ellie actually likes Cookie Dough Ice Cream, much to my horror.)
I finally called up my local bike shop, Spokes Etc, and told them my tale of woe. The guy checked his stock and said that he thought the Trek Bontrager rack (with disc mount) would work, and that I should bring my bike in so that we could find the right adapter to get it to fit. Hopefully I can find something that really works this time. Of course, I probably should have started with these guys in the first place, rather than the chain bike store…