Better Ingredients, Better Results

Yesterday, we took a trip up to South Mountain Creamery to see where our milk for this summer will be coming from. Lisa and Ellie had been there before, but this was my first trip there. They were having a big open house event, and the overcast weather didn’t dampen their spirits much. We had fun riding in the tractor around the farm (pretty much a view of grass, since they’re grass-fed cows), seeing the baby cows, baby goats, baby chicks, baby ducks, and baby bunnies! Lots of babies. They had some good barbecue for lunch too, and plenty of dairy products. We left with 2 dozen eggs, a bunch of asparagus, and our first half-gallon of milk. We took the eggs and made a frittata with some leftover ham from Easter, some good gruyere cheese, and the asparagus. Lisa has made it before, but this one seemed to taste a lot better. Even the picky eater Ellie ate all of hers. I guess that’s what happens when you use good ingredients. Thankfully, the farmers market starts this week, so we’ll be getting better ingredients more frequently. Plus, our CSA starts two weeks from tomorrow, and we’ll have way more fresh ingredients than we’ll know what to do with.