Hammered (Jenny Casey, Book 1) Hammered by Elizabeth Bear
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My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Hammered is a fascinating story about a former Canadian soldier who’s been injured and “repaired,” Bionic Woman style, with artificial limbs and implants. But now, a confluence of events conspire to draw her back in to the world she wanted to leave behind, and to take the battle to the next frontier: space.
I enjoyed reading the book, but I was ultimately really disappointed that it basically ended with very little conclusion. The book leads you toward the protagonist, Jenny Casey, getting new implants (nanites) and surgery so that she can pilot an alien-inspired starship, but she only gets as far as boarding the ship, never flying it. That’s left for the sequel. The author does manage to resolve one storyline, but since that was a relatively minor subplot, I was left disappointed. I suppose this is yet another case where I’m just going to have to read the rest of the trilogy (Scardown, Worldwired) to be satisfied.
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