Oh Boy!

I remember, after Evan was just born, watching our neighbor toddler Henry, who was then about as old as Evan is now, and thinking, “That’s a scary preview of what Evan will be like in a year or so.” And sure enough, everything prophesied is coming true.
The climbing on everything: The other day Lisa was vacuuming the dining room and moved the chairs into the kitchen, and was a little slow moving them back. Evan, in the meantime, climbed up one of the chairs, pulled open the oven door (much like he does with the play kitchen), and climbed on top of the stove and was pressing all the buttons, including self clean (aka really freaking hot oven!).
The escape artist: Yesterday, I was pulling weeds in the front yard, and Ellie was helping me scour the lawn for the occasional dandelion. One minute, Evan was pressing the horn on the toy car, and the next, he was halfway down the sidewalk (not the street, thankfully!) to the house next door.
And pretty much all you can say is, “Oh, boy!”