Budding Hypochondriac

That’s not really fair to Ellie. She has legitimately been sick of late. The problem is we can’t figure out what it is, and neither can the doctors. First, she vomited and spiked to a 104 degree fever, so they tested her for flu (negative) and a urinary tract infection (looked positive at first, but ended up negative). Then, we saw white spots on her tonsils, so they tested for strep (negative). Finally, yesterday her eye was red, so they checked for pink eye. This time, it actually was pink eye, but it’s viral, so there’s no antibiotics for it. She got a prescription for eye drops, but that’s about it. She did seem to finally be feeling better last night though, so hopefully we are finally out of the woods. It’s still frustrating to not be able to figure out what’s wrong with her though.
Ellie, in between her bouts of general whininess and miserableness, definitely knows how to milk the sympathy. Early on, we let her have Jello to help with her throat, and we pretty much let her decide what she wanted to eat, because we just wanted her to eat something. One night, we asked what she wanted for dinner, and she deadpanned, “I guess I’ll just have some Jello and then ice cream for a treat.” Yep, that’s us, wrapped around her little finger.