Cleaning Out Crap

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. We signed up for our community-supported agriculture share so that we can get decent produce when it’s actually in season, instead of year-round at the grocery store, shipped in fresh from the other side of the world. I got my bike out of storage and will be riding in to work again soon. I got new running shoes and will start running whenever I can drag my lazy butt out of bed. Here’s what I’ve been doing even more recently.
I’ve been drinking water for over a year now, since I stopped buying soda. It was money I didn’t need to spend, plus it’s crappy to drink that stuff every day. I’ve been drinking water from the water fountain in my Nalgene bottle, but now the National Toxicology Program is coming out with a report saying that BPA is pretty much omnipresent in our bloodstreams, thanks at least in part to leaching from plastics, like the one used in my Nalgene bottle. So we’re ordering Sigg water bottles for the family to replace our plastic sippy cups and water bottles. If you’re concerned, try to avoid plastics labeled #3, 6, and sometimes 7.
I also recently realized that my favorite fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt is pretty much loaded with that evil substance high fructose corn syrup. On our last trip to the grocery store, I bought a tub of plain yogurt and fresh fruit to mix in with it. The yogurt with just fruit is probably an acquired taste, since the sweet flavor doesn’t mix through the yogurt like it does with my old favorite. Still, it wasn’t bad. I also tried mixing some low sugar strawberry preserves in with the yogurt, which made the overall taste more palatable, but pretty much tasted like yogurt mixed with jelly. I’ll prefer fresh fruit, but I’m okay with using the preserves in a pinch.
We do still have our vices (Chinese food last night that is way too bad for us, McDonald’s milkshakes), but we’re trying to do better. The world doesn’t change overnight, after all.