Breaking the Rut

Getting to feeling a bit better about things this morning. I worked myself out of the rut a little bit by indulging in the Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza on Tuesday evening, then having Chipotle for lunch yesterday instead of my usual turkey sandwich, and finally went out for ice cream with the kids last night.
This morning, I finally managed to track down a farm from which we will be buying a “community-supported agriculture” share (CSA). How it works is that you prepay for the summer’s worth of fresh veggies (and sometimes fruit and eggs, depending on the farm), and every week, you get a box full of stuff. You’re somewhat at the whim of the farm and what they grow, but generally speaking, it’s stuff that is in season that you would normally buy at the farmers market anyway, so it’s a pretty good deal. The one we signed up for costs a little bit more than some others, at $625 for the year (May through October, about 20 weeks, so $30/week or so), but they are also certified organic and they look to have some good stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what Lisa can do with okra!
I also started looking into other fun stuff to do. I have a voucher for a free round of golf at Bristow Manor Golf Course, so I’ll be looking to do that as the weather gets a little warmer. (You can see the course at, though there’s no way to link directly to it, so you have to do your own search.) We also want to plan another one-night getaway to the mountains of Shenandoah, since there is a sale on rooms at Skyland Resort going on. And with Spring Break for Ellie next week, I might have to play hooky from work for a day and go bumper bowling, as my brother suggested. Further into the future, I’m working on possible plans to go to Chicago and Detroit over the weekend that I would have been playing in the bonspiel. It’s mainly a matter of whether I want to do that much driving, but it’s almost certainly better than sitting home alone.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what the hell I can do with Orka too! I’m a Midwestern for God’s Sake!!


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