Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza

Batch 229 in a 1 pt, 9.4 oz bottle, and hell yeah, I drank the whole thing.
Depending on how I look at it, this is either a golden yellow, or a pale orange color, and I’m fairly sure that’s not the 8% alcohol talking.. The yeasty looking head fell quickly, but leaves a good lacing as I drink.
A bit of a funky aroma, but mainly citrus and banana. The taste is quite nice, as the lemony tartness hits the tongue early, followed strongly by a load of peppery spiciness. There’s even a bit of a sweeter fruit, I’m thinking just underripe mango.
The spiciness does linger, but I was fooled again by the ABV into drinking more quickly than I should have. A good balance of earthiness with crisp tartness makes it go down easy. Very nice. Also a good way to get out of a rut, at least for one night.
Overall rating: 4.25