Our Athletes

I had been meaning to add these a while back, but here is the background story first. Taylor has been participating in the YMCA basketball league for K-1 age girls. The first few games she didn’t touch the ball and she didn’t really care. She seemed indifferent but also uninterested in playing basketball. But as time went on, she started to get a little better and that seemed to grab her attention. We were so proud of her for little things like running back on defense – FULL SPEED. In the beginning she was standing around doing cheers more than actually participating in the games. A few weeks ago and a few games in she got a rebound and she (slowly) dribbled the ball up the court. Then last week, she got multiple rebounds and actually took two shots. The first one, she missed but the second one went in!! Jenn and I were in shock and didn’t really know how to react. We could not have been more proud!!! Showing the hustle, being a little more aggressive and not being afraid to take a shot…How far we’ve come!

2008_02_23 107.jpg
Preparing for the shot…

2008_02_23 108.jpg
It’s up…notice the good form and follow through.

2008_02_23 109.jpg
Still looking good…And you will just have to trust me that it went in, I got a little anxious and had to watch it for myself so I missed the photo opp.

2008_03_04 188.jpg
And lastly, my setter for life shows everyone how to do it the right way.