Obligatory Results

The results of that previous post (feel free to comment if you wanna get in on the action).

  1. I’m friends with you, as you said, because my brother thought we should be. We like way too many of the same pop culture things (Lost, poker, Chipotle).
  2. Lately, I associate you with no red meat. Before that, it would have been Fletch.
  3. I like that you have such strong convictions (your wife, your faith), BUT that you aren’t so set in your ways that you aren’t afraid to change (Obama!).
  4. We’ve known each other so long (not), it’s hard to pick a memory. Remember when we used to be able to watch Lost AND Alias on the same night? Yeah, that was great.
  5. Even though I associate you with KC and the midwest, I know that you’ve been out of the country (to Italy, at least). Where else have you traveled and what’s your favorite trip of all-time?


  1. Duh, you’re my brother. Somehow, we made it through adolescence without killing each other, and once we both went away to college, we probably became better friends.
  2. I associate you most with the EVP tour. So much so that when we were watching a show on National Geographic about sports bras (don’t ask) and they showed EVP women playing, I was looking for you.
  3. I like that you stuck with the volleyball thing even though everyone always said you were too short, or not good enough.
  4. When I cracked my head jumping off the wall in our backyard in France, you ran to the house to get mom. How’s that for a memory?
  5. What the heck are we going to do in KC for a whole WEEK over Memorial Day weekend? The Royals aren’t even in town! Alternatively, since that’s not really something about you I’ve always wanted to know: did you love or hate living overseas?


  1. You’re my friend because we always have things to talk about. We don’t always agree, but we ultimately have the same goals in life, and we’re getting there together.
  2. I associate you most with baking, because of all the goodies you make that I have to bring to work so that we don’t eat them all ourselves!
  3. I like how you are with our kids. Even when they are at their most frustrating, your love for them always shows through.
  4. My memory of you is sitting out on my porch in Rochester Hills, MI while you were on an internship in NYC and talking on the phone for hours.
  5. (You can answer this in the comments, since you don’t have a blog) If you weren’t home with the kids every day, what would you be doing?