Another Red-Meat-Free Week

We managed to make it another week without eating red meat. I don’t remember the exact menu, but we had a 17 bean soup (THAT diaper was fun, thankfully it was Lisa who changed it), some tropical meals with mango and pineapple, and other good eats. But it came to an end on Saturday.
After Ellie’s ballet “recital,” which she did very well (you could see her mouthing the words to the songs while dancing, funny), we went down to Alexandria for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. They always have it early so that it doesn’t conflict with the New York one, but it did seem extra early this time. After the parade was over, it was already pretty late, so we walked up to try to get some chili, only to find it was a 30 minute wait. Luckily, there was a Five Guys burger place just down the street, and man, was I ever craving a burger. Totally worth the wait.
However, while indulging in the burger, we decided that (at least until summer grilling season begins) we will only have red meat on those occasions when we are eating out. When making dinner at home, we’re going to stay red-meat-free. How about that, Shane? I know, not quite the same as going cold turkey, but hey, it’s something.