Red Meat Free Week

In honor of Shane’s sacrifice, our family went without red meat all this week. Honestly, it’s not a huge deviation from our normal weekly menu which regularly features a vegetarian meal and a soup of the week, but it did take some effort to make sure we didn’t slip.
On Saturday night, we hit up Skorpio Maggio’s Restaurant for a chicken dinner. Damn good chicken, as DCist said in its review.
On Sunday, we had a late lunch at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church. I had been wanting to go there for a while, and since we were nowhere near the area, we stopped by for a turkey club (my wife), and fish and chips (me and Ellie). I also had a nice Chicory Stout, though I was mildly disappointed that they didn’t have any limited/seasonal releases on tap. Guess I’ll have to go back. For dinner on Sunday, we had chicken leftovers.
On Monday, I had my usual turkey sandwich for lunch, and I stopped by Chipotle on the way to curling for a Carnitas (pork) burrito bol. The rest of the family had homemade pizza.
On Tuesday night, we had chili garlic tilapia (prepackaged from Trader Joe’s) with broccoli and brown rice.
On Wednesday night, we had dijon herb salmon with roasted potatoes and bok choy. Very yummy.
On Thursday night, we had mushroom/asiago/marscapone ravioli, which was okay, but Lisa liked it a lot.
On the menu for tonight and tomorrow are BBQ pork and lemon curry chicken soup.
But we’re not stopping there. Last night, Lisa asked if I wanted to do a second week! She didn’t think it was “that hard,” so we agreed to go another week without red meat. I’m pretty sure we won’t make it to Memorial Day though.