Decision Time

Thanks to the bazillions of people who have written to me about Rockstar Curling, the possible reality TV show that NBC is looking at airing. I knew about it long before the emails started rolling in, but I appreciate the notice anyway.
Now I see that the official website is up, and they are taking registrations for the tryouts. Here’s the catch though, which you had to see coming if you read the articles at all: “IF SELECTED COULD YOU TAKE A LEAVE OF ABSENCE FROM YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TRAINING AND FILMING OF ROCKSTAR CURLING?” It’s supposed to be a six-month training commitment, which is a long “leave of absence.” I imagine that answering “No” to the above question would probably disqualify me, eh?
On a related note, the USA Curling National Championships are going on right now. I actually know half of Team Lin on the women’s side, so I’ll be cheering for them, even though their chances are probably slim against the tough competition.