Instant Expert

I always find it amusing when, in the days after an event like the Westminster Dog Show, everyone becomes an instant expert on the subject. “That Uno was a good-lookin’ beagle.” “I thought the Weimaraner should have won.” Meanwhile, we really have no idea what the judges are looking for, or what really makes a good dog. What we do know is that it’s fun to root for the dogs you know and see every day, like the beagle and the bulldog, but otherwise, we’re pretty ignorant.
Last weekend, during a break from curling, we flipped through channels to find that professional bull riding was on NBC. The instant expert phenomenon occurred there as well. We were analyzing the bulls and the riders as though we knew what made a good bull or a good ride. “Look at how he stayed in the center of that bull.” “That bull didn’t give him much of a challenge.”
I imagine that some people involved in those events would get irritated by our couch potato observations, much as I do when people mock curling. What are you an “instant expert” on? Or, what are you actively involved in that people think they know a lot about, but really don’t?

2 thoughts on “Instant Expert”

  1. I am an expert in just about everything. Like most fans of major sports, I know everything about football, basketball, baseball or whatever. Being that I play volleyball, I love to hear about when people play or their kids play volleyball.

    As for what I have been an expert on recently, I was watching the US soccer team play Mexico…I played a couple years of soccer back in the day so know exactly what they should and shouldn’t be doing out there.

    If you want some Curling tips, I know I could help you get over the hump and get in the next Olympics.


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