Choice of the Cat

Choice of the Cat (The Vampire Earth, Book 2) Choice of the Cat by E.E. Knight
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My rating: 3 of 5 stars
When last we saw David Valentine, he was an up and coming Wolf in the Southern Command, fighting against the alien Kur race who use “Reapers” to feed off the auras of humans. This time around, Valentine gets caught up in military politics and is forced to resign from the Wolves. However, he quickly takes up with another military faction, the Cats, and learns their stealthy ways. He uses his newfound skills to go after a new group, the Twisted Cross, before they can build up their forces to go after Southern Command.

It’s not quite as strong as the first volume, but the Twisted Cross provides a good (or evil, as the case may be) antagonist for Valentine, strong enough for me to eventually want to read the next volume, though I probably won’t review any more of them.
Next up is You’re Broke Because You Want To Be by Larry Winget.