I Am Legend

I Am Legend I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
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I had seen “The Omega Man” a long time ago, and always wanted to read the book upon which it was based. With the recent release of the movie starring Will Smith, I went ahead and reserved it at the library. I won’t say I was disappointed, but the Omega Man version is definitely different from the book. The book focuses a lot on Robert Neville’s search, as the lone person immune to a bug that has turned everyone into vampires, for a cure. Only near the very end of it does it bring in the possibility that not everyone went crazy and bloodthirsty, whereas the Heston movie seemed to play on that aspect of the story a bit more.

So, even though it wasn’t quite what I expected, I enjoyed the story, and found many times where it could have influenced later vampire fiction like Buffy.
Next up is Choice of the Cat (Vampire Earth Book 2) by E.E. Knight.