Quick Updates

It seems that after my web host upgraded PHP, it broke the piece of my code that imports my “blogroll” on the sidebar. I haven’t been able to figure out what changed, but since it throws a lovely core dump every time someone hits the page, I had to take the blogroll off for now, at least until I can figure it out. I am sure it will not be missed at all.
After much procrastination, we finally got back together with our lawyer and signed our wills. And yesterday, we even paid him! It wasn’t cheap, but it is good to know that we’ve taken care of it, so that things will be taken care of when we’re gone.
No update on the dishwasher and dryer yet. Procrastinating on that until we have more time to deal with it. Yesterday we took our wet clothes over to a friend’s house to dry them, and we’ve been hand washing dishes, which was therapeutic the first time, and annoying ever since.
We’re headed up to Connecticut tonight for the Men’s Club Playdowns. For curling, ya know. It’s basically like the regional qualifier for the National Championship. If you want to follow along, you can check out the Nutmeg Curling Club’s results page. It’s a round robin tournament, so we play 7 games, one Thursday, 3 Friday, 2 Saturday, and one, with the possibility of more if we’re in a tiebreaker, on Sunday. But honestly, we’re just hoping to win a couple of games and get some valuable experience playing together as a team so that we can do well at the Dyke’s bonspiel in February. And I’m hoping we’re not in a tiebreaker so that we can make it back home in time to watch the Giants in the NFC conference championship game!