When It Rains…

Since we’ve gotten back from our holiday break, this is what we’ve had to deal with:

  • Garbage disposal jammed; I managed to clear the jam and get it working again.
  • Sink backed up, possibly due to disposal jam? I snaked the drain pipe all the way as far as the snake would go, and never hit anything, but must have managed to clear some junk out somewhere.
  • Yesterday, two more things happened, possibly related.
  • The clothes dryer stopped working; this was not a big surprise, the thing is ancient, and we’ve managed to put off getting a new one for a long time.
  • The dishwasher also stopped working.

Both the dryer and dishwasher stopped working in mid-cycle, which seems bizarre. It’s possible that it’s something electrical, though as far as I can tell, they are not on the same circuit. Unfortunately, when figuring out what is attached to which fuse/circuit breaker, I never accounted for the appliances, and it’s not obvious that any fuses were blown or circuits tripped, so we may have to call in an electrician. Nice timing since we’ve got holiday bills coming due, and we’re taking a trip up to Connecticut for the curling tournament this weekend. Sigh.
But hey, how bout them Giants?!?! Somehow Eli strung together his third straight 100+ QB rating, for the first time in his career. It seems to me that Plaxico Burress is obviously not 100% and has no ability to stretch the field on defenders, so the Giants are somewhat lucky that the opposition hasn’t taken advantage of that. Going up to Green Bay is going to be tough, and I think it’ll come down to who runs the ball better. Hopefully we can get back from CT in time to catch the game!