We Three Kings

We had a “Three Kings” brunch on Saturday with a bunch of friends. Normally, a Three Kings party would involve exchanging your “worst” Christmas presents, but since a lot of what would have been exchanged would have been kids’ gifts, we decided against it this year, though we may do it next year. Instead, we focused on having adult beverages for all the parents and letting the kids run around like crazy. Irish coffee and mimosas went over well (the limited bar menu also went over well with the bartender: me). Lisa took care of everyone’s appetite and managed to have minimal leftovers. Unfortunately, our sink drain decided to get clogged right after she finished making everything and needed to run the dishwasher. So the dishes went into the shower until after the party. Thankfully, I was able to get the drain unclogged the following day, though I still don’t know what was clogging it as nothing came out. Later that night, I turned on the Big Ten network just in time to catch the end of their win over Minnesota. Drew Neitzel had another awful game, but Raymar Morgan is establishing himself as a player (and I expect he’ll be going to the NBA soon) and Kalin Lucas is a “diaper dandy” in the making.
It was a good day overall yesterday, as we started off the day returning the half-functioning heated mattress pad I bought. The “dual controls” only worked on one side of the pad, so we took it back to JC Penney. Turned out they didn’t sell it in store, only online, but the customer service rep was really nice and reordered a new one for me, which they are going to ship to our house directly, for no charge. I figured I’d at least have to pay shipping again, but they didn’t even charge me for that. Nice. Then we went and picked up some new towels and found out after we had left the store that they only charged us for one of the four towels. 4 towels for $4.19, very nice for us.
After we got home, I caught up on the Tivo-ed action of the Giants-Bucs game. Lucky for me I could skip through most of that bad first quarter and get to the good parts of the 2nd quarter quickly. During halftime, I successfully snaked the drain, then went back downstairs to catch up on the action and follow the victory. I’m still an Eli skeptic, but didn’t that 8 1/2 minute TD drive in the fourth quarter remind you of the long TD drive in the Giants’ Super Bowl XXV victory over the Bills? OK, maybe that’s going a bit too far, but it was a nice drive all-around, even if I’m not convinced, as some pundits are, that it was a big step in Eli’s maturation process. I’m still a wait-and-see guy on that front.
We then went to the curling club for our usual Sunday pizza and game, where I somehow lucked into getting a ringer substitute for our game, which we won easily. The coming weeks are going to be very busy, curling-wise, as I travel to Connecticut for the Club National Championship playdowns (sort of like a regional qualifier for the Club National Championship) and then to Schenectady for the Dykes (5 years or less curling experience) bonspiel in February. We got a nice deal on a nice hotel for Connecticut on Priceline too. The 3 star Marriott is only about 7 minutes from the bonspiel and normally would have cost us $660 for 4 nights, but we got it for $300. The “discount” rate at the Courtyard that they were giving us would have cost us about $100 more too, so we got a pretty good deal, I’d say. By the way, if anyone has anything they think we should do while in the Bridgeport area, we’re open to suggestions, since we will probably have a decent amount of downtime during the weekend.