Such the Boy

From the moment we first set a car in front of him, and he grabbed it and pushed it back and forth making “Vroom vroom” noises, we’ve known Evan is a full-fledged boy. He also knew exactly what to do with a ball: throw it (though he may have picked that up from watching Ellie). While visiting his cousins in Michigan, he had fun playing with the boys, especially when he tried to take Colin down, WWE style.
We finally got batteries for his newest toy, a ball spitting train contraption, and I set it down in motion to see what he did. He started cracking up laughing when it would run into him, and he’d back up a step, it would hit him again, he’d laugh and do it all over again. But the key point was when the train stopped moving. He looked at it for a moment, and his index finger IMMEDIATELY went right for the button that started it again. It’s like his brain is hard-wired for this stuff.